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Our health is our most valuable asset. We need to take care of it to live a happy and fulfilling life. At Gravenhurst Medical we stress the importance of Preventative Medicine and Wellness. We understand that health is not only physical, and that a healthy person requires wellness in their physical, emotional, and social world. In science, this is known as the bio-psycho-social approach. Having a holistic philosophy we prescribe medications only if absolutely necessary, and with firm evidence to back its use.  We do not prescribe narcotics at Gravenhurst Medical. Our main focus is in the prevention and treatment of Chronic Illnesses such as Diabetes and Heart Disease.  We also have a special focus on psychosocial issues, and offer in house counselling and psychotherapy to help deal with mental illness and the stress of daily living. We have extensive experience in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with relation to abuse, car accidents, and refugee/torture history, as well as counselling through addiction and gambling issues.

Winter Policy

Acceptance into the clinic, requires acceptance of our Winter Time Policy. Winter time is defined as the first snow storm of the year, to the last snow storm. During this time, fewer booked appointments are made, in order to accommodate for appointment cancellations due to the frequent storms, and road travel issues that occur in the Gravenhurst and Surrounding area. During this time “snow days”, when we are not in the office, the office manager is working from his home office including weekends. For emergency refills during snow days, just have the pharmacy fax us. If we need to re-assess you, we will call you and book you an appointment, and give you the refill in person. During the non-winter seasons, please call us for refills, as the medications tend to be dispensed at the amount needed to ensure proper and timely reassessment of your chronic condition. During these beautiful days in Muskoka, we would rather talk to you the patient in person, then the fax machine.

We are not a walk in clinic, and require appointments for each visit. We do accommodate same day/next day requests for colds and flus. For your urgent care needs, when we are closed, please visit the South Muskoka Walk In Clinic in Bracebridge.

For all emergencies, such as chest pain, fainting spells, dizziness, stroke symptoms, and shortness of breath, please call 911. These are emergencies best dealt inside a hospital, and minutes do count in these situations

New Patients, please feel free to leave us your name and phone number. Please include in the voicemail your acceptance of our winter policy. Due to the fact that we have purposefully kept our clinic small, and the large number of calls that we get daily, we are only able to call back new patients that leave us a message that they understand and accept the winter policy. Our phone number is 705 684 8884.

If you have a mental health issue, we do accept referrals. Please have the doctor include your past medical history, and complete list of medications. We will book you or call you promptly when we receive the referral. Please remember we do not prescribe Ativan, Ritalin or other controlled medications, but we can work with you through psychotherapy to understand the source of your problems, and thread out issues that might be underlying

……………………Gravenhurst Medical………………… The Holistic Family Practice Clinic in Muskoka

We enjoy working with all health care workers including Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Osteopaths, Nurse Practitioners, Homeopaths, Dieticians, Social Workers, Psychologists and all holistic practitioners. If you are such a health care worker, we welcome you to call us so we can meet and collaborate on the health and wellness of the Muskoka Community.



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